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About ADI

Aircraft Delivery International offers cost effective, prompt and safe aircraft delivery to and from all countries including Russia, China, Japan and the Middle East. Use our crew exclusively, or yours, with one of our ferry pilots organizing the trip and providing the requisite experience while meeting international insurance standards. Owner ride-alongs always accepted.

ADI possesses thousands of hours of international ferry flying experience with a solid history of no accidents, incidents or losses.

At ADI, we offer a broad spectrum of services to meet our customers' individual needs:

  • Worldwide Ferry Flights
  • General Aviation, Business Jets & Airliners
  • International Aircraft Sales, Borkerage and Marketing
  • Aircraft Selection and Acquisition
  • Aircraft Refurbishment to Spec
  • Pre-purchase Inspections
  • Transition Training / Seaplane Training
  • Export C of A (Certificate of Airworthiness)
  • Ferry Permits
  • International Contract Pilot/Crew Services
  • Helicopter / Aircraft Containerization and Shipment
  • International Air Tours in Your Aircraft
  • Aircraft Bank Repossession
  • Survival Equipment Sales