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Drinking a cup of coffee in Sondrestrom Fjord prior to departing for Iceland.Joe Thorne

President of Aircraft Delivery International, LLC

ATP, A&P, CFII, Seaplane, Tailwheel

Type Ratings: Cessna Citation 525 & 500; Dassault Falcon 10 

My first international flight was on a 747 to Guam. I was only 3 months old so I don't recall this flight at all, however, subsequent travel to and from the states became a part of my life. As I grew older all I wanted to do was travel the world under my own command; to make the contrails that I once looked up at as a child.

Becoming a pilot and aircraft mechanic seemed the only possible way to access the world. Later, flying mail to villages in northwestern Alaska, I occasionally caught glimpses of Russia and I knew then that flying within the confines of imaginary borders was not for me.

Today I ferry aircraft internationally as a method to explore our planet and meet new friends. Through my diverse network and hundreds of safe aircraft deliveries, I am well positioned to ferry, buy and sell all types and categories of aircraft worldwide for my clients.

As a United States licensed aircraft mechanic, I provide an extra level of service and security should en route repairs be required. As an ATP and A&P, I provide all the tools necessary for aircraft selection and pre-purchase inspections.